Creativity is our birthright

Einstein was definitely a man who never stopped failing, at trying to achieve something. And as children we fall thousand times before we actually learn to walk. Failing is just another learning curve. You don’t wanne miss it.

They history is full of how he attempted time again and again to discover something that had not been discovered. He is the epitome of the creative spirit we’ve seem to have lost in this generation. Yes, technology has eased many hard played out roles yet we still are hanging loose on some beachhead. What we learn from this is obvious: Just keep on trying, the worst you can do is staying safe and not move at all.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” — Pablo Picasso“

We notice uncountable things with our subconscious mind without being conscious about it at all. Yes we know.. Then we wonder where the hack certain ideas come from and why others had simular ones. Well it’s already scientifically proven that our brains are wired on a higher level .. that’s another story .. But it explains our smart ideas sometimes. They are actually a product from our very own (thinking) mind and daily experiences we have when we encounter others, read the news, walk through the city. Often an idea has already been thought millions of times by other people, generations etc.. but there are only a few of us out there who are eager enough to turn them into reality.

77% of adults think they’ve lost their creativity

That is a staggering and sad statistic, isn’t it? In our youths we were so fearless, so wide eyed, so open to the possibilities of imagination and make believe. We’d doodle our imaginary friends, describe our wildest dreams in detail, dress up as characters, play out scenarios; we tried and tested and experimented and just did everything we could under the sun. So what happened to change us between that time and adulthood?

We need to unlearn

When we reach a certain age, we start to hear things like “you’ve either got it or you don’t” when it comes to creativity. You either are the artsy friend, or you aren’t. You either can draw a picture or you can’t. These polarizing ideas of what it means to be creative are stifling and limiting. The truth is, we are all born creative. We are all born with wild imaginations and an insatiable desire to try. No one is born without that creative spark because that piece of ourselves is our innate curiosity. And for that, we are all creative.

Going back to childlike wonder

I kept asking myself: why are most adults afraid that they’ve lost their creativity? You know, in some environments, the practice of creativity is deeply discouraged. Our immediate situations growing up can have a huge impact on how we foster our inspirational habits. The need for safety and making a living is a big one as well. Can i really afforf loosing time with just being playful creative again without knowing if it pays off?Also negative settings or comments, reprimands about exploratory behavior, and judgements on unfinished or imperfect work can have a long lasting effect on how we view ourselves as artists. Those wounds stay if we don’t take action.

Our primal instinct is to test and explore

We are all explorers from the moment we try to test our own leg’s strength as newborns. As new humans, our primal instinct is to test and figure out and seek. And it is this exploration that drives our capacity to be creative. We are all artists from the moment we use crayons to replicate a portrait of our moms and dads, not matter how long legged and disproportionate as they were drawn. We disregarded the rules of making pretty pictures and coloring inside the lines because we made our own rules. We couldn’t be wrong because there was no “wrong” in trying.

Take the risk and you will be renewed from deep inside

If we were all born with the potential to create beautiful, meaningful, truth telling things, we must abandon the jaded adult lenses in which we see the world. We must return to our childlike wonder. We have to put faith in ourselves again, be willing to risk despite the fear of failure, we must be open to change.

So get messy, abandon all reservations and fear of judgement, because you, my friend are made to create unique and beautiful things!